Non-Fling Roller Chain Lubricant Spray | WD-40
UPC 0 79567 30049 6
UPC 0 79567 30049 6

WD-40 Specialist® Roller Chain Lube

WD-40 Specialist® Roller Chain Non-Fling Lubricant sprays on thin to penetrate deep into roller chains, inner chain links, pins and bushings, and then thickens to provide long-lasting lubrication, even with chains operating at a high RPMs. By penetrating deep into crevices, this formula helps protect the chain from rust and breakage*. This roller chain lube’s ceramic-reinforced formula repels dirt and helps keep the lubricant from flinging off the chain during use. Safe on metals, chains, sprockets, chain links and O-Ring chains.                                                                                                                

*based on proper chain maintenance extending the life of a chain. Proper maintenance for roller chain is cleaning and lubricating not only the external parts (chain and sprockets) but also the internal parts (chain links) of the chain. 

  • Ceramic Reinforced Formula
  • Penetrates deep and thickens to provide long-lasting protection
  • Non-Fling at high RPM
  • Prevents chains from premature breaking
  • Safe on O-Ring chains
  • 50-state VOC compliant

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4.81 (36)

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It still flings

Used for garage door and springs. It goes deep and applies well. However, it was still wet. I could see the difference in noise. Hopefully it will dry up soon as it states. Else will be disappointed.


Love it

I received this product last month. I really love this product helps me many ways than one. The things I like about this product is that it helps with material that are difficult to break loose: it helps with lubricant chains,bolts,squaky door handles and more. You can never go wrong using any WD-40 product for any projects.


Great product

Loved this product it works just like the original product. Love how easy it was to lube up the chains and how it was thought even on the roughest jobs. Would recommend to anyone who has issues with stuck chains


Who does need this product

I know that my dad and my grandfather and my great grandfather all used wd-40 it is as recognizable as any other product you can think of. My family has used to fix just about anything. But this product is for chains. I can’t tell you how many times I used this product on my bike over the last 40 years. It is amazing and will line up your chain like no other.


Perfect Oil

I've used this on my chainsaws and it has helped them work so much better. Most chainsaws mine included have some hard to reach areas. The little hose/stick attached to the top gets into all the harder to reach areas. It dispenses a perfect amount that doesn't throw out any kick back when it's started. There are a lot of uses for this spray I'm going to test it out on a couple saws that don't rotate as well.


Great product

I've used wd-40 products for years. The roller chain lube comes in handy. I use it on my children's bicycle chains, my engine lift and many more projects around the house. The main benefit for the chain lube spray it that you have the choice of doing a wide spray or using the connected straw.



Wonderful product. I’m a fan of all wd-40. It works wonders and requires very little to be sprayed for it to work so it lasts a long time. I highly recommend any of their products. Their products definitely take the squeak away and back to working condition


WD 40 Specialist Roller Chain

This product is very good on penetrating and lubricating chains, and will not attract dirt. This is also a non-flinging product at high rpm. Which means that it will stay on the chain and lubricate and not fly off at high rpm. All you do is spray it on thee chain and let it do its work.


WD-40 to the rescue

I have always loved and used WD-40 products and this is just another one that turned out to be a great product.This lube worked great on my chainsaw chains and the kids bicycle chains.It lubed the chains up really well,Rust would just like pour off the chains and they would just glide with ease.This is some tough works well.The scent is not over powering.It comes with the little straw for those tight nit spaces.This is a must have for all tool boxes or garages.


Great product!

This WD-40 Specialist Roller Chain Lube works great.  The attached spray nozzle is perfect to use this.  This is simple to use and doesn't make a big mess.  I am always trying to quiet down my garage door and it never lasts long, until I tried this.  It is a great lubricant for my garage door chain.  It dries fast and holds well.  I have been using it on noisy hinges too.  Great product.  Highly recommended.