WD-40® Smart Straw® 12 oz

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12 oz
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8 oz
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11 oz
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WD-40® Smart Straw®

WD-40® Multi-Use Product protects metal from rust and corrision, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything. Its permanently attached Smart Straw sprays 2 ways. Available in 8 oz., 11 oz., and 12 oz. can sizes.

  • Smart Straw Sprays 2 Ways 
  • Flip up for stream, down for spray
  • 50-state VOC compliant

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3.92 (425)

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lubricate paper shredder

Instead of buying lubricant sheets for your shredd take paper spray with WD 40 and bingolubricateyour shredder


Same Problem As Others

Wasted about 1/4 of can because it would not spray anymore...I did see some videos online that you can go get a some type of tire thing and refill with air compressor...Too much hassle for me....

Issues related to aerosol product being unable to be sprayed out happen in the industry and can affect some of the products WD-40 Company makes. We recently made improvements to address this issue and decrease the likelihood of it occurring in the future. However, if a product is still not meeting your needs, we want to know about it. By providing details, you may be eligible to receive a coupon for a replacement product. If interested, please email us at wdfortycompany@gmail.com. We value your feedback and business. Thank you for helping us make it better than it is today.
- May 29, 2019

Cant lose the straw

As the saying goes: Duct tape is a cow boy's best friend, well so is WD40. I love the idea having the straw attached to the nozzle. You can't lose it. So you don't have to go looking for it or one that will fit it. We have used WD40 for as long as I can remember. Great product. Love it!


The everyday helper.

So we bought this to help with the squeaky cabinet doors. Spray on the hinges and no more squeak. Downfall I can no longer hear when someone is trying to eat my cookie stash. Also worked wonders on getting stickers off the bunk beds. WD-40 needs to be in everyone's home.



I purchased this product and after a few usages, it leaks from where the straw inserts. A letter to corporate, did nothing. Please change this flaw in product.

Thank you for leaving a review for WD-40 Company. We are sorry to hear that you had problems with the can. Please email us at wdfortycompany@gmail.com with more information. We value your feedback and business. Thank you for helping us make it better than it is today.
- May 29, 2019
Amy Y

Always Reliable

I have used WD-40 since I can remember. I love how they now have the attached straw for a more precise spray and then the easy spray feature as well with an updated nozzle.

Mrs golde

Works great

I love the WD 40. I can get into all the Nooks and crannies. And I don't need to apply much. It works great on just about every squeek! I am a CAREPROVIDER and I use this on my clients wheelchairs'.


WD-40 w/ Smart Straw

We use this all the time, my husband uses it outside, on the car, in the garage and often I use it inside. Love reading your tips as I have learned a lot of different ways to use this.

Granny jlm

Great for oily stains

My spouse dragged some tar in on his boot onto the kitchen carpet,right by the door where he removes his boots Nothing would budge it. I tried WD40 and it blotted off completely! I've since used it for any oily stains,I swear by it!

Dorothy 68

Awesome product ever !!

I buy a can of this every Spring when my husband goes back to work. He works in blacktop seal coating. When he comes home it tracks on my laminated floor. Spray a little on a rag and wipe it away. Love Love Love