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UPC 0 79567 30005 2
UPC 0 79567 30005 2

WD-40 Specialist® Dry Lube

WD-40 Specialist® Dry Lube with PTFE is a dry lubricant that keeps your equipment running smoothly with long-lasting corrosion protection that does not attract dirt, dust, or oil. It provides superior lubrication and long-lasting corrosion protection with no oily residue. Best used where cleanliness and maximum performance are required as it dries quick leaving behind a lubricating film that resists dirt, dust and oil buildups. Great for reducing friction and wear on blades and bits, door and window tracks, slides, conveyor belts, rollers, hinges, table saws, lathes, power tools and equipment. Effective in temperatures ranging from -50°F to 500°F. 

  • Provides 5x greater wear protection than the competition for longer-lasting lubrication and reduced application frequency*
  • Lubricates at least 4x longer thant he competition**
  • Safe to use on wood, paper, fabrics, leather, metal, rubber and most plastics (except clear polycarbonate and polystyrene).
  • NSF Category H2 (#146856)

* Test Lab: WD-40 Co. Technical Center (Pine Brook, NJ); ASTM D4172; Test date: 12/2020.

**Test Lab: WD-40 Co. Technical Center (Pine Brook, NJ); ASTM D4172– Modified; Test date: 04/2021.


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Great for Windows and Doors!

I work for a company that installs and services windows and doors for a large national manufacturer. We go through this stuff like water. We've bought it out at every hardware store in the city. It doesn't attract dirt, it doesn't leave a milky residue like most similar lubricants, and the built-in straw is perfect.


WD40 dry lube, great product, can't find it

I've turned to a competing brand and recommending that competing brand to over 60 people now because WD-40 can't get their retailers to stock this item regularly. This would be an even greater product--if you can find it. The fact is, WD-40 has failed to push any appreciable inventory into distribution. I live on an island 40x26 miles, and I have to drive all over the place to find 2 or 3 cans of this stuff here and there. It is strange because you can find regular stock of every other WD-40 Specialist Spray at most any store: White lithium grease, penetrant, Gel, Silicone, Corrosion inhibitor, contact cleaner, degreaser. But Dry Lube? NO!!


works good

I am glad i picked this for my husband to try. he has no complaints and wlll purchase it again and tell others about how good it is. It did exactly what it was supposed to be. I love the flip straw nozzle made it so easy to use

Thanks very much for your kind words of appreciation. We're glad our products are serving you well, and appreciate your support for the WD-40® Brand.
- June 3, 2021


After receiving this product about a month ago now, I have had the opportunity to use it one time. I say the product does exactly what it is suppose to with lubricating to ensure easy movability of any fractioned surfaces. The attached straw nozzle ensures the lubricant is being applied to the desired effected area and with the nozzle being permanently attached I no longer have to go looking for it.

Thank you for sharing experience when using this product. We're proud of the superior performance WD-40 Specialist® Dry Lube demonstrates, and appreciate your feedback. Thanks for choosing WD-40® Brand Products.
- June 3, 2021

Works great

My daughter's bed was constantly squeaking when she would lay on it. We used this WD-40 Specialist Dirt & Dust Resistant Dry Lube and it hasn't squeaked since. Which is great cause at bedtime it was causing her to stay awake.

Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. We are very glad to learn of your success, and congratulate you for choosing WD-40® Brand Products. We hope to continue to serve your needs for years to come.
- May 11, 2021

Great product

A step up from the already great regular WD-40, no oily residue, no dirt and dust sticking to it. Dries fast and works great. I use it on everything in the workshop and in the house from the table saw to my hair clippers.

We're happy to hear this formula is serving you well. Thank you for choosing WD-40® Brand Products.
- May 11, 2021

This is a great product!

This Specialist Dirt and Dust Resistant Dry Lube is an upgrade from the already great WD-40 product! Spray a bit when a bolt is too tight and I can't get it loose as well has the regular squeaky doors and chairs. I even used this dry lube on my hair clippers. It dries fast, works great, extremely easy to use, and has made me love WD-40 even more than ever! Definitely worth trying I know you will not be disappointed!

We're glad to hear this product is serving you well. It really makes a difference to have the right tool for the right job, including formulas for good maintenance practices. Thank you for sharing your success and for choosing WD-40® Brand Products.
- May 11, 2021

Excellent Product

As with all WD-40 products i have used in the past the specialist dry lube did not disappoint. Perfect for delicate, exposed areas. I use with my table saw, miter saw, and drill press. The flip straw nozzle makes it so easy to use.


Quick and easy WD 40

This is a great WD 40 that does not leave a residue or liquid that could drip. It does produce a dry spray that lubricates, I have even used it on razors as sometimes the normal lubricants are greasy and leave a residue. Really great product!


Great stuff

WD40 works great! I use it for a multitude of things.. rather it be a rusty screw or squeaking door hinge it's never let me down. It doesnt take long to loosen up a bolt. It's something I always have on hand.