White Lithium Protective Grease Spray | WD-40
UPC : 0 79567 30061 8
UPC : 0 79567 30061 8

WD-40 Specialist® White Lithium Grease

WD-40 Specialist® White Lithium Grease is ideal for metal-to-metal applications that require heavy-duty lubrication and leaves behind a rust-inhibiting barrier for protection against corrosion. This long-lasting formula won't melt, freeze, or run in harsh weather conditions. Also great for lubricating equipment before placing in storage. Sprays on easily with a thick, protective coating for outdoor and automotive hinges, gears, sprockets, latches, door tracks, pulleys, cables and guide rails. Safe to use on metals. Effective in temperatures ranging from 0° F to 300° F for unbeatable protection.

  • Long-lasting lubrication and protection
  • 50-state VOC compliant
  • NSF Category H2 (#146864)

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3.74 (31)

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with this product. WD-40 Specialist® White Lithium Grease is a favorite for many users of our products, and we're very proud of the superior performance it demonstrates. We appreciate your feedback and hope to continue to serve you well in the future.
- January 7, 2021

is it good for Golf Carts

Does your White Lithium Meet the Standard for this Scenero Spec: * EP NLGI Grade 2 Lube Electric Golf Carts Lubrication needs: * EP NLGI Grade 2 Lube / * Dry Molly Lupe (CC P/N 1012151 / * 22 oz. (0.67 L) SAE 30 Wt. API Class SE, SF, or SG oil (or Higher) / * WD 40


Great product

Great product but you have to shake for quite a while to get the spray to work, I mean a good five minutes, and then shake it every time you are using that particular project, I've found it works appropriately if you do that.


Under car protection from rust out

I really like it for spraying under my car's to protect it from rust I even spray all the rubber mounts and brake hoses so they don't dry out. La


Poor quality product

Its like there is nothing inside other than the propellant air... it lives an almost invisible film that has nothing to do with white lithium grease... not WD40 standards quality..

G Man

Worked Beyond Expectation

I have a kitchen trash compactor that has been making a very loud squealing sound for a very long time. Not knowing what to do, my wife called the local appliance repair shop and they recommended white lithium grease. My wife picked up a can at the local auto parts store and I took the can and sprayed the inside gears really well. The noise went away immediately and I am 100 percent satisfied with this product.

Jim H

Product Application Issue

I recently purchased a can of the WD-40 Specialist Protective White Lithium Grease. I have some reasonable experience with white lithium grease and had felt this product would be a perfect fit for my bicycle maintenance process. However, as I was using the product on various moving parts (mostly shifters and brakes), I was frustrated with that unless I held the product can in a very upright position (45 degrees or greater), the only product I realized was the compressed air. I'm concerned that eventually I will end up with a can of lithium grease with no propellant. I'm just wondering if I have a defective can of the product, or is there a solution to my issue?


Good stuff

I bought the white lithium grease spray, I’ve always used WD40 products, but this is the first time I’ve used the new can / sprayer and it broke before I got to use it. So I took off the part and used it . I can't use it the way I wanted to but at least what’s inside is still high quality.


great nozzle/spray idea; but doesn't set quickly

When I bought the WL can, I was immediately impressed with the dual nozzle idea. The spray is a bit runny but initial use after purchase, the spray would set. A year later, the spray isn't setting....just making a mess. Sad.


Great product

I bought the white lithium grease spray to use on basically everything that is stuck in my world. I new i could trust the WD40 product line. I love the way the product works. I hate the can/ sprayer i broke it before I ever got to use it. So I cut off the offending parts and use it anyway. So I can't use it in right places? At least I can still use it. Better instructions may have helped.

Thank you for leaving a review for WD-40 Company. We are sorry to hear that you had problems with the can. We would like to send you a coupon for a replacement product. If you're interested, could you please email us at We value your feedback and business. Thank you for helping us make it better than it is today.
- May 6, 2019