Door Hinge and Mechanical Lubricant | WD-40
UPC 0 79567 49002 9
UPC 0 79567 49002 9

WD-40® Smart Straw®

WD-40® Multi-Use Product penetrates stuck parts, protects metal from corrosion and rust,  displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything. Its permanently attached Smart Straw Sprays 2 Ways®. Available in 8 oz., 11 oz., and 12 oz. can sizes.

  • Smart Straw® Sprays 2 Ways®
  • Flip up for stream, down for spray
  • 50-state VOC compliant 


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3.84 (444)

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Smart straw once again faulty

3rd or 4th time bought this and smart straw falls apart


smart straw just doesn't work

Dont get ripped off. WD40 "smart" straw just wont work. Made the mistake of buying from screwfix here in UK. You don't see product before you buy at Screwfix so forgot to check straw type. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I have bought WD40 with USELESS smart straw. Not sure if broken ones are swapped around in store but....


Works well, but straw base started leaking

The WD worked quite well where needed - reducing squeaks around the house and protecting parts exposed to the elements. However, after some time the base of the straw started leaking, no matter which position I used the product in. So, now I mostly use the spray, cannot use the streaming any more effectively.


Makes my life easier

Use on all my garden tools, squeeks, bicycles and I am very pleased. I always have a can handy!


Loose pressure

Have a couple of cans and all of them are about a quarter full and they loose pressure. Now I have can that are quarter full and I can’t use them .Sent an email about this and never heard anything back.


Doesn't work

I bought this some time ago & it worked fine! I tried to use it again to no avail? No matter what I have done it does not work? It feels like there is plenty of liquid in it but nothing comes out!


My Granddad Always Told Me...

...keep a can of WD-40 handy at all times! He was right. I use this for so many different things. And the straw helps get it where I need it!


Terrible nozzle design

I have always used WD-40 for years for many different uses around the house. The newly designed spray nozzle did not work at all. The spray just leaked out of the front of the can and would work either format.

Smart Straw isn't

This is a smart straw if the purpose is to make me buy three cans because the d&%#m cans but I find it works once then sprays out the sides and anywhere but where I need. It sprays no ways not two ways!. Bring back the old school sprayer and perhaps include a second straw but this silly bit is making want to rethink my repair all lesson from my dad that if WD40, a wire coat hanger or duct tape can't fix it is goes in the trash.

Thanks for writing to us, and sorry to hear of these issues. Yes, it's been known to happen on rare occasions. There are a couple possible causes to investigate...check out this video and the 2nd question on or FAQ page for some more details as to what might be going on. If you think the can was faulty, please reach out via the contact form on our website: We strive to deliver the best product possible to help you get the job done right and appreciate your feedback to help make that happen. Thanks for choosing WD-40® Brand Products.
- July 9, 2020

the best

you can put it where ever you want it and it will do its job

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the effectiveness of the product -- we're glad it's serving you well in all types of jobs and applications.
- June 15, 2020