Rust Dissolver Spray | WD-40 EZ-Reach | WD-40
UPC 0 79567 49019 7
UPC 0 79567 49019 7


WD-40 Multi-Use Product protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything. WD-40 EZ-REACH features an attached 8-inch flexible straw that bends and keeps its shape to get into hard-to-reach places.

  • 8" straw bends and keeps its shape
  • Sprays 2 Ways®
  • 50-state VOC compliant

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4.37 (118)

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This is one great improvement ever! No more hockey stick plastic straws.... Love the way it will hold odd shape when getting into tight spaces in electronic equipment. Even holds shape in tight radius bends! Perfect length for my application! I now can reach sections that were not reachable before. One word of caution as the tube is metal. If you need to use on electronic gear that cannot be powered down, use heat shrink on the tube for insulation. I have 2 cans, one with the heat shrink on the tube and one without. Problem solved! I LOVE this product now. Please never discontinue this packaging! I have grown very dependent on this feature... Sorry that I cannot give an even higher rating than excellent! Rob, CETsr

Thank you for taking the time to write to us and share your thoughts and insights on this product. We, too, are very proud of the WD-40® EZ-REACH® design for our multi-use product, and are glad the packaging design is serving you well. We've also added the same system to WD-40 Specialist® Penetrant with Flexible Straw ( Much appreciation for your kind words and support -- thank you for choosing WD-40® Brand Products.
- January 6, 2021

WD40 is good when spray can works

I got so many 1/2 full cans of WD40 that stop spraying and cans 1/2 full yet and some 3/4 full . I buy 10 cans n then I get only 1/2 the can used and they don’t work no more . I like WD40 but loose a lot of money on 1/2 cans not working

Hi, thanks for sharing your feedback. There are a couple possible causes to investigate when the can doesn't seem to spray properly. Check out this video and the 2nd question on or FAQ page for some more details as to what might be going on: If the issue persists, we're happy to help address a specific concern with you and work towards a resolution. You can contact us on the number on the can or via our webpage ( Thanks for taking the time to write to us and for choosing WD-40® Brand Products.
- January 6, 2021


Works amazingly. Solves a lot of things.

Wonderful to hear your feedback, and we're glad you are finding great uses for the product! The EZ-REACH™ flexible straw is an excellent feature for tackling tricky jobs in hard to reach places. Thank you for choosing WD-40® Brand Products.
- June 10, 2020

Great product!

I have used this for months and it really helps with hard to reach spaces!

Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your success with other customers. We're very glad the EZ-REACH™ flexible straw is helping to get the job done right with ease!
- June 10, 2020

Works great for sneaking out the back door!

I got so ducked up the night before thanks to this product for fixing the back door so i could sneak away at night for some action. Thanks wd40

WD-40® Multi-Use Product works wonders for fixing squeaks, creaks, and many other odd jobs around-the-house, and helps protect against rust and corrosion as well. Still, some domestic issues may require other solutions than what comes out of a can. Keep calm & spray on!
- June 8, 2020

Wish I could get it to spray!

I bought a double pack st Costco. I was able to use it a few times, never very good performance. . Today, the straw broke off, with most of the product remaining in the can.

Hi, thank you for your comment. There are a few possible causes to investigate regarding this issue. Check out the video at the link below and the 2nd question on or FAQ page for some more details as to what might be going on. If you think the can was faulty, please use the contact form on our website so that we can help resolve your issue or send a replacement product. We strive to deliver the best satisfaction possible to help you get the job done right. We hope this adequately addresses your concerns -- thank you for choosing WD-40 Brand Products.
- June 8, 2020

Nozzle Design is Awful!

First spray and the contents exited the nozzle top and not the straw end! I tried to fix the nozzle and the small black ring seal came out. A complete waste of money, time and effort.

Thank you for the feedback regarding your experience with the product. It sounds like you're having trouble with the linkage system in the Smart Straw -- the device works best with the straw fully lifted to a 90 degree angle for precision shots or lying flat against the can for a wider spray. If you think something was defective with the can itself please write to the contact form below so we can help resolve this issue. We appreciate your interest and care for the quality of WD-40 Brand Products.
- May 18, 2020

Unfroze the shower faucet knob

We always have a can or two of WD-40 home and our latest buy was the EZ-REACH Flexible Straw can. Our shower faucet knob was frozen and after removing the screw I used the straw to get into the area, let it sit for a few minutes, replaced the knob and I was able to turn it on and off. Great product!!!!!

Thank you for sharing your experiences with our products -- we are very glad to hear they are serving you well! Delivering positive lasting memories is one of our core values, and we hope to continue to deliver great solutions like the one you've described in the years to come.
- May 5, 2020


On Facebook it said it had a 8' hose but it only 8''

Just a typo, it's okay! 8" - eight inch - hose as per usual. Thanks all!
- March 16, 2020

can stopped spraying after a few tries

Nozzle does not spray i even used a top from awd-40 specialist can on this can and it still would not spray, but the ez-reach straw top worked on the specialist can so failure is in the ez-reach can