Rust Dissolver Spray | WD-40 EZ-Reach | WD-40
UPC 0 79567 49019 7
UPC 0 79567 49019 7


WD-40 Multi-Use Product protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything. WD-40 EZ-REACH features an attached 8-inch flexible straw that bends and keeps its shape to get into hard-to-reach places.

  • 8" straw bends and keeps its shape
  • Sprays 2 Ways®
  • 50-state VOC compliant

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4.38 (124)

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The best straw is much better!

I usually buy the can with the smart straw(red plastic) but it seemed to leak more than direct spray, and trying to get the straw into a tight area usually moved it enough to leak worse. This new metal flexible straw is a much better solution. No leaks and much easier to get the product where you want it.

Thanks very much for trying the different delivery systems for our multi-use product and sharing your feedback. We appreciate your interest in the functionality of our products and value your insights.
- June 3, 2021

Half a can

I have been using WD-40 for decades and I never had a can that failed to deliver until the straw was permanently attached. Since then I have had several cans that feel like they have half a can of liquid but will not dispense using the spray or the straw. What is clogging the port and is there a way to clear the clog? The clog seems to occur from setting around. This occurs inside of a home so the temperature is not likely a cause.

Hi,   Thanks for writing to us, and sorry to hear of these issues. You’re right – things like this do happen on rare occasions, and there are several possible causes to investigate. Check out the following video and the 2nd question on our FAQ page for more details and possible solutions:   If you continue to experience issues, please feel welcome to write to our customer contact page to help find a resolution: We hope this helps and thank you for choosing WD-40® Brand Products. The WD-40® Team
- May 11, 2021


I use it when I change out tires and on everything that needs penetrating oil. I keep WD-40 & PLENTY OF IT ON HAND! I WISH that the WD-40 CORP. WOULD SEND ME SOME COUPONS TO SAVE a little MONEY. COULD BE A SPONSOR FOR ME. I WOULD GIVE GREAT REVIEWS FOR THE WD-40 CORP. I WOULD GIVE 5 STARS BUT NO ONE IS PERFECT BUT GOD!!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

We're incredibly glad to hear our products are serving you well. It really makes a difference to have the right tool for the right job, including formulas for good maintenance practices. Thank you for sharing your success and for choosing WD-40® Brand Products.
- May 11, 2021

Tried it and loved it

Makes getting into tough spots alot easier

Thanks very much for your kind words of appreciation. We're glad our products are serving you well, and appreciate your support for the WD-40® Brand.
- May 11, 2021

Great innovation

This is one of the best ideas in product usage in years. Makes it quick and simple to deliver the product where it’s needed without any mess or waste.

We're happy to hear this formula is serving you well. We strive to deliver superior performing products to help you get the job done right, and are glad to learn of your successes. Thank you for choosing WD-40® Brand Products.
- May 11, 2021

New straw that doesn't suck!

I used this on my a/c unit and where the issue that needed sprayed was in a very hard to reach area. This new flexible straw reached, bent and rolled over to the spot! Awesome work!

Thanks for writing to us. We're very glad to learn of your success using the EZ-Reach straw, and appreciate the time you took to tell us how well it functioned for you. Thank you for choosing WD-40® Brand Products -- we hope to continue to serve your problem-solving needs for years to come.
- May 11, 2021


This is one great improvement ever! No more hockey stick plastic straws.... Love the way it will hold odd shape when getting into tight spaces in electronic equipment. Even holds shape in tight radius bends! Perfect length for my application! I now can reach sections that were not reachable before. One word of caution as the tube is metal. If you need to use on electronic gear that cannot be powered down, use heat shrink on the tube for insulation. I have 2 cans, one with the heat shrink on the tube and one without. Problem solved! I LOVE this product now. Please never discontinue this packaging! I have grown very dependent on this feature... Sorry that I cannot give an even higher rating than excellent! Rob, CETsr

Thank you for taking the time to write to us and share your thoughts and insights on this product. We, too, are very proud of the WD-40® EZ-REACH® design for our multi-use product, and are glad the packaging design is serving you well. We've also added the same system to WD-40 Specialist® Penetrant with Flexible Straw ( Much appreciation for your kind words and support -- thank you for choosing WD-40® Brand Products.
- January 6, 2021

WD40 is good when spray can works

I got so many 1/2 full cans of WD40 that stop spraying and cans 1/2 full yet and some 3/4 full . I buy 10 cans n then I get only 1/2 the can used and they don’t work no more . I like WD40 but loose a lot of money on 1/2 cans not working

Hi, thanks for sharing your feedback. There are a couple possible causes to investigate when the can doesn't seem to spray properly. Check out this video and the 2nd question on or FAQ page for some more details as to what might be going on: If the issue persists, we're happy to help address a specific concern with you and work towards a resolution. You can contact us on the number on the can or via our webpage ( Thanks for taking the time to write to us and for choosing WD-40® Brand Products.
- January 6, 2021


Works amazingly. Solves a lot of things.

Wonderful to hear your feedback, and we're glad you are finding great uses for the product! The EZ-REACH™ flexible straw is an excellent feature for tackling tricky jobs in hard to reach places. Thank you for choosing WD-40® Brand Products.
- June 10, 2020

Great product!

I have used this for months and it really helps with hard to reach spaces!

Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your success with other customers. We're very glad the EZ-REACH™ flexible straw is helping to get the job done right with ease!
- June 10, 2020