Rust Penetrant Spray | WD-40 Rust Release Penetrant | WD-40
UPC 0 79567 30000 7
UPC 0 79567 30000 7

WD-40® Specialist® Rust Release Penetrant Spray

A fast-acting penetrant that gets deep into crevices, threads and seams to break the bonds that hold stuck parts together.

WD-40® Specialist® Rust Release Penetrant Spray is a fast-acting penetrant that quickly goes to work on rusted nuts, bolts, threads, locks and chains, and also leaves behind a protective layer to help prevent rust and corrosion from re-forming. Containing Blu Torch® Technology, a proprietary blend of synthetic additives, it is safe to use on plastics, rubber and metal.

  • Extra-penetrating Blu Torch technology
  • Ideal for use on nuts, bolts, threads and locks
  • 50-state VOC compliant

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Powerball Winner

Excellent for Automotive use

I dreaded the idea of changing the oxygen sensor on my truck. It needed to be done and several people recommended spraying it a few days with PB Blaster prior to removing it. I had a free can of WD-40 Rust Release Penetrant that was sent to me a few years ago and I decided to use it instead. I sprayed it and let it soak for a few days. The sensor came out with little force than what I was expecting. I highly recommend using this for automotive car repairs.


Got the Job Done

I bought a can of this several months ago. Recently purchased a used implement for my tractor (The thing was in decent shape, but a pivoting part was rusted in place). Sprayed affected areas with WD-40 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant and let sit for several days, then repeated the process (several times). Yesterday, I was able to work the part free. Prevented a tear-down/rebuild of this item, thank God...and WD-40.


Great stuff

So I bought a 5l drum and got a tester free. Stuff seems to work good on some rusty threads but works better on really rusty threads with a little heat not much but a little. Unlike normal wd40 this stuff sticks around to once the metal has cooled. All in all I'd buy it (just wish the tester had a bit more than two nuts worth of spray in to test further.)


Works great

Works quickly on stuck pieces. Loosens them really weLloyd. Makes easy work of rusted pieces


WD40 Rust Release not only works but...

It also prevent future rust. Great stuff!


Have at least 3 cans between the garage etc.

Used WD 40, many years and love the new penetrating WD 40 out now!


Another amazing product from WD!

I had a tie rod end jam nut that would not budge with all my weight! 220 lbs! I searched every blog on the web and tried almost everything others had suggested and still nothing! Bought this product today sprayed on when i got home, ate dinner then went at it, and presto!!


Awesome, works better then i expected

Picked this up to try it out on a project i had going. I needed to remove the motor from a pump on a pressure washer made in 1989. I was worried that the shaft was rusted to the pump, or the 4 bolts would be hard to break loose. I sprayed WD-40 rust release on it that night and let it soak for 24 hours. When i went to remove the engine from the pump, it was surprisingly easy. The bolts came off, and shaft slides out no problem.


Doesn't work

I sprayed several times from all angles and over an hour and it never loosened the screw up enough for my power screwdriver in reverse to remove it. Waste of $7.00!



Moved about one year ago. Kept the WD-40 close at hand. Sure enough, needed it for the garage door and a rusted padlock.