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Pockets of Pros: Voice of the Experts

Pockets of Pros: Voice of the Experts

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In the world of hands-on industries, skills and expertise are honed through first-hand experience. When a new tool arrives on the scene, the voice of the experts carries great weight for whether or not it will prove a worthy addition. With this wisdom in mind, the innovators responsible for creating the WD-40® Precision Pen sought insights from people holding hundreds of years of combined experience before launching this new product to the public. Read on below to learn why the experts forming the WD-40 Pro Board gave their nod of approval to the Precision Pen – and what this new tool can do for you.

Introducing the WD-40 Pro Board

The WD-40 Pro Board is an assembly of professionals and craftsmen from a diverse range of fields, including auto mechanics, industrial machinists, farmers, construction workers, heavy equipment operators, and more. These individuals are the backbone of their respective industries, and their collective expertise is a goldmine of knowledge. For years, the WD-40 Pro Board has represented excellence and features members at the pinnacle of craftsmanship and skill. It's a forum where these seasoned professionals come together to share insights, discuss best practices, and provide feedback on products that are integral to their work.

Creating the WD-40 Precision Pen

Just like the Original WD-40 Formula, the creation of the Precision Pen was an iterative process. In 1953, the scientists at Rocket Chemical Company made 39 attempts to find the perfect composition…and the success of the 40th formula changed the world. Today, WD-40 Company still cultivates solutions through innovation and discovery. Along with the trials, testing, and calibrations necessary to bring this test to life, were complete, the WD-40 Pro Board also played a crucial role.

Prior to its official launch and availability for purchase, the Precision Pen was introduced to a select group of Pro Board members. They received prototype Precision Pens to use in their daily workflow as professionals in a variety of skilled trades. Valued for their honest thoughts opinions, the Pro Board adds a vitally authentic perspective from outside the company. The innovation team is then able to integrate these insights and feedback into the design process. 

The Verdict from the Pros

After a few tweaks, the Pro Board's verdict on the WD-40 Precision Pen proved unequivocal: it's a tool that has the potential to be a game-changer. Given its features and characteristics, the pen could soon prove a key asset when working with precision applications, protecting equipment, and aiding the longevity of tools & machinery. One automotive mechanic noted, “it’s small and compact, you can keep it in your pocket.” Dan B. – an aluminum machinist – commented that “with the Precision Pen, I can put WD-40 (Multi-Use Product) exactly where I want it.” Let’s go deeper into the “Pockets of Pros” to learn more.

Essential Features

After reviewing the feedback and insights from the professionals on the WD-40 Pro Board, 3 essential features stood out: Portability, Precision, and Control.

  • Portability: The portability of the Precision Pen makes this tool a pocket-sized powerhouse, giving users access to the incredibly versatile WD-40 Multi-Use formula without the need for an aerosol can or spray bottle. 
  • Precision: The WD-40 Precision Pen's name is not a mere marketing tagline; it's a promise fulfilled. Pro Board members discovered that the fine-tipped nozzle allowed for pinpoint application, ensuring that the product goes exactly where it was needed. “There’s no overspray that I have to clean up,” said Ron, an electrician. “Great product, way to go WD-40.”
  • Control: As with the previous feature, feedback from the Pro Board members showed a love for controlling when, where, and how to apply Original WD-40 Formula using the Precision Pen. Auto mechanics found it constantly came in handy when working under the hood. Industrial machinists praised its convenience for intricate tasks. Farmers appreciated saving time around the farm by keeping it within reach for quick maintenance applications.

One feature that surprised Pro Board members was the endurance of this seemingly simple device. Due to the precision dispensing of the Original WD-40 Formula, drawing one consecutive line with the pen until empty would last for roughly 6 football fields (600 yards!). That’s a lot of bolt threads.

Core Benefits

Although the Precision Pen just launched this year, its utility has been long-tested. Essentially the pen is an innovative leap for how to use the same formula trusted by professionals for generations: WD-40 Multi-Use Product. With over 2,000 documented uses, the formula has 5 Core Benefits:

  1. Lubrication: Keeps moving parts running smoothly, reducing friction and wear. Pro Board members found it invaluable for ensuring the longevity of their equipment.
  2. Protection: Creates a barrier that shields against rust and corrosion. For farmers battling the elements or industrial machinists working in demanding environments, this protection is a lifeline for their tools and machinery.
  3. Stopping Squeaks: For auto mechanics and heavy equipment operators, eliminating squeaks is not just about comfort; it's a safety imperative. The Precision Pen helps provide no-mess solutions for squeaks.
  4. Loosening Rust: When rust and corrosion threaten to impede progress or infringe on function, the Original WD-40 Formula is a critical ally. Use it to loosen rusted parts and free stuck components from their metallic embrace.
  5. Displacing Water: Drive moisture away from tight spaces to prevent disruptions in areas such as electrical systems so they remain in good working order. Construction professionals and heavy equipment operators benefit greatly from this aspect, avoiding downtime due to electrical repairs.

Next-Level Professionals

The insights and feedback from the WD-40 Pro Board have been instrumental in shaping the Precision Pen into the versatile, precise, and portable tool that it is today. Steve F. – a plumbing contractor – gave a prediction that “it’s going to be a mainstay for every toolbox, tackle box, backpack…you can pack this along on a camping trip, while fishing on a kayak or canoe, and definitely have one in the glove compartment.” Talena from @GirlieGarage also shared her preference to “keep one in the tool bag, one in the car, and one at home.”

The WD-40 Precision Pen is more than a tool. It is a reminder that innovation can come in sizes great and small. The three essential features of portability, precision, and control aid professionals in the pursuit of excellence and help household members find quick solutions that make life a little bit easier. Both are journeys that never truly end, and having the Precision Pen in the “Pockets of Pros” brings the power to excel within close reach.

For those following the wisdom of the WD-40 Pro Board, consider buying a 3-pack of WD-40 Precision Pens to have on hand at work, at home, and in your vehicle. Leave a review with your thoughts or favorite uses on our website or drop a comment on social media. The power of the Precision Pen is yours.

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NEW WD-40® Precision Pen

NEW WD-40® Precision Pen

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NEW WD-40® Precision Pen

NEW WD-40® Precision Pen

The WD-40® Precision Pen is engineered to deliver the Original WD-40 Formula with pinpoint precision.



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