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Lubricating Fitness Machines

Lubricating Fitness Machines

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As home gyms become increasingly common in households, it’s important to know how to take care of your fitness machines. Grunts and groans as you grind through a workout are loud enough without the extra squeaks and squeals from a poorly lubricated machine. Follow along with this week’s blog as we look into how to lubricate home gym fitness equipment you keep your workouts in good working order.

Elliptical Machine

Keep the area around the machine tidy by sweeping or vacuuming regularly to avoid dust and debris from collecting in the moving parts. Inspect the machine for any loose connections and tighten them. Store the equipment indoors if possible, or cover it to avoid damage from sun and rain as well as wear from exposure. Stick to a consistent lubrication routine on the moving parts with WD-40 Specialist® White Lithium Grease on the elliptical machine to stop it from squeaking. You can watch this eHowFitness tutorial for more information and to follow along with the video, which features WD-40® Multi-Use Product as the lubricating spray of choice. 


Wipe down the slider (or monorail) to remove dust, crude, grease, or other particles, and do the same for the damper cage containing the fly wheel or other resistance mechanism. Ensure areas designed for airflow are clean and clear of debris. Oil the chain about every 3 months by pulling the handle all the way out and applying a light coating of WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease. Allow the chain to coil back into the system and pull 10-20 strong strokes to ensure the pulleys and other internal components receive lubrication from the chain. Feel for catches or jumps as you pull to inspect for locked or frozen links that need extra attention and stop a potential problem before it starts.   


Lubrication is also necessary to keep a treadmill in good condition. First, unplug your device. Look in the manufacturer’s instruction manual (hard copy or online) for how loosen the treadmill belt so you can lift it and apply the lubricant. Use WD-40 Specialist Silicone or the manufacturer recommended lubricant and spray underneath the belt as you lift, repeating the process on both sides of the machine. Do not spray lubricant on the top of the matting, and clean thoroughly with soap and water if some spills on the surface by accident. Return power to the treadmill and allow it to turn at a slow speed to allow product to spread across the entire underside of the belt webbing. Wipe away any excess product from the sides of the machine once complete.

Pilates Machines

Pilates machines such as reformers, cadillacs, and others often have many different moving parts, so maintenance habits are important. You want to keep your machine well-oiled and gliding smoothly for a functional and pleasant workout squeaks and creaks. Identify metal-to-metal connection points and apply WD-40 Specialist Silicone lubricant and use WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease on the areas with wheels and tracks. Depending on frequency of operation, the lubrication process should be repeated about every three months to keep your reformer in great condition.

Pro Tip: Aside from lubrication, cleaning fitness equipment also helps extend the lifespan of the machines and benefits the workout experience. For grease, grime, and other tough to remove substances use WD-40 Specialist Cleaner and Degreaser for a powerful formula that’s safe to use on sensitive surfaces.   

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