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How to Hang Exterior Shutters

How to Hang Exterior Shutters

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Have some time on hand for a home improvement project? Give yourself (and neighbors!) some extra privacy by adding exterior shutters to your windows. Shutters not only protect your home’s windows against heavy wind and rain, they also add visual appeal to the front of your home and boost its value. By following the below steps from This Old House below, you’ll have functioning shutters in just one weekend.


Take Measurements

Functional exterior shutters should be attached to the trim around the window (the casing) and swing into the window opening when closed and latched. When open, the shutters should stand proud on the house’s wall, held in place by a pivoting metal tieback – a hook or a catch (available at Lowe’s). Taking measurements is the first critical step to hanging shutters. According to This Old House’s general contractor Tom Silva, shutters are meant to only fit inside the window casing. As such, the shutter size is determined by the size of the window.


Choose and Prep Shutters

After you’ve taken the measurements, it’s time to choose what kind of shutters you’d like to hang. You can pick shutters that already have paint and are finished, or you can choose shutters that need a coat of paint. If you decide to paint or make your shutters, give yourself a day to get the job done. For ideas and information on different shutter selections, check out this article from This Old House. For a step-by-step guide on how to make exterior shutters from scratch, read this article from eHow.


Shim Shutters and Install Hardware

Once the shutters are ready, place one shutter in the window opening and shim it tight at the top and the bottom. Click here for a visual on how to do this. Position the other shutter the same way and shim the sides. After both shutters are firmly in the window casing, you can install the pivoting metal tiebacks and hinges. You should start with the upper part of the shutters first and then install the lower part. Then it’s time to fasten the hinges to the shutter. To do this, you’ll need to first remove the shutters from the window opening. Using a drill, bore pilot holes through the strap on the top and bottom rails and screw the strap hinges into position with the screws provided in the hardware packaging (example).


Hang Shutters

Once all the hinges are assembled, your shutters are ready to be hung. Fasten all of the latches and attach the shutters to the tiebacks and hinges. Move the shutters back and forth to make sure they’re in the right place, swing comfortably and can fully shut. To keep the shutters open, you’ll need to mount the tie back. For step-by-step instructions, check out wikiHow’s article.


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