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Get Your Grill Ready

Get Your Grill Ready

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As the days grow long and the evening’s warmth lingers, you know grilling season has arrived. There’s something majestic in the act of preparing food kissed by flame, and that primal feeling has us ready to wield the tongs and set to flipping. Let’s ensure your grill is up to snuff and ready to deliver – you’ll be amazed at how WD-40 Brand Products have you covered from start to finish on this critical mission!

While the advent of technology comes with its ups and downs, rubbing two sticks together simply doesn’t hold a candle to hearing your grill roar to life after simply pressing the ignite button. If you haven’t used it since last summer, however, chances are the time for a little maintenance is at hand. Let’s get to work and make sure your grill is ready to sear that big juicy steak (or veggie burger if that’s how you roll) during the summer barbeque season.

Get that Grime

After a long winter and rainy spring, there’s going to be dust, grime, and cobwebs on the exterior of your grill. Sounds like a job for WD-40® Specialist® Industrial-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser. Douse that puppy with the non-flammable bio-solvent formula and wipe away the gunk. Don’t have the degreaser on-hand? WD-40® Multi-Use Product can also work wonders -- just ensure the burner is off.

Tighten Things Up

Check out the joints, base, wheels, and handles and tighten up anything that’s loose. Knock out the squeaks and rust with a spray of WD-40® Multi-Use Product and perhaps a rag or metal brush.

Chase Away Mother Nature

Right now there are probably spiders, bugs, and germs that are calling the insides of your grill home. The suggested course of action? Time for a burn-out. Light the grill, turn it on high, close the lid and leave it on for at least ten minutes. Anything still alive? Unlikely. Now turn it off, let that grill cool and wipe the inside down. While you’re at it, check the level on your gas tank to be sure it’s ready for cooking up dinner.

Look at that Rack

For starters, make sure the gas is turned off. Remove the rack, spray any grime with WD-40® Specialist® Cleaner & Degreaser. Then wait a few minutes and take a wire brush and scrub clean. For bigger jobs, especially on metal grills and grill tools that can be easily soaked, try WD-40® Specialist® Rust Remover Soak to give them a second life. Be sure to rinse the rack with soap and water afterwards.

Burn, Baby, Burn

A gas grill is only as good as its burners. Use your wire brush or a pipe cleaner to remove any additional debris from the burners.

Is Your Grill Passing Any Gas?

Check your grill for leaks. Simply apply a mixture of dish soap and water with a brush to coat the tank and tubes, then turn on the grill. Any bubbles that appear on coated areas indicate escaping gas. To fix, try tightening any fastenings or replacing the hose or O-rings.

Where's the Beef or Veggies?

The steak. The sausages. The chicken. Or the Garden burger. Your grill is ready. It’s time to fire it up, start cooking and kick back with family and friends. What’s your favorite food for grilling? Leave a comment and share your recommendations.

BONUS TIP: Grill masters find perfection not only in beautifully prepared meal, but also in the comely appearance of their BBQ station. Applying a little WD-40® Specialist® Silicone Lubricant to the lid of your grill both waterproofs and protects the metal surface and also adds the benefit of a lasting shine to make your grill the star of the backyard.

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WD-40® Smart Straw®

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WD-40 Specialist® Silicone

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WD-40® Smart Straw®

WD-40® Smart Straw®

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