Degreasing Spray Cleaner: Industrial Degreaser | WD-40
UPC 0 79567 30034 2
UPC 0 79567 30034 2

WD-40 Specialist® Cleaner & Degreaser

24 oz. refillable trigger

WD-40 Specialist® Cleaner & Degreaser is a water-based, non-flammable, non-aerosol cleaner & degreaser with a unique bio-solvent formula engineered to be powerful yet safe for sensitive surfaces. It quickly breaks through tough grease & grime and has added corrosion inhibitors to help protect against flash rust. Great for cleaning greasy automotive parts, tools, shop floors, industrial machinery, commercial appliances and equipment. It can even be used in cleaning equipment such as power washers and ultrasonic tool cleaners as long as rinse is discharged to wastewater treatment. 

  • Safe for use on aluminum, chrome, glass, plastic, rubber, stainless steel, granite, leather, paint, and much more.
  • Biodegradable formula meets U.S. EPA Safer Choice Standards. NSF Registered A1, A2, A4, A8, B1.
  • Non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-abrasive, low-odor formula that can be used in food-processing facilities.

This formula comes in 5 different sizes: 

  • 24-oz refillable trigger
  • 32-oz trigger
  • 1-gallon jug
  • 5-gallon jug with pour spicket
  • 55-gallon drum

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Useless Product - Don't waste your money

Bought this for simple degreasing around the house. First time I used it to try to remove residual glue from a price tag stuck on a pair of shoes. I removed the paper and left the glue. My old degreaser from Zep would do this no problem. Waste of my $10 - going straight into the trash

Hi, thank you for your feedback. This cleaner and degreaser product works very well for many jobs, but you're right for removing glue residue the classic WD-40® Multi-Use Product would serve better. It's formulated for removing such materials and also can be purchased at a lower price, as well as in a variety of sizes. If you would like to follow up with your issue please use the contact form on our website.
- February 9, 2021

Useless on stove tops.

I used this on a stove top in hopes it would remove cooked on grease. It did not, even when letting sit for an extended period of time. I then tried it on the grease splatter around the stove. Still did not remove the grease. Pretty disappointing.

WD-40 Specialist Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser should clean the splattered grease. The Use Directions call for letting the product soak for several minutes before wiping. The cooked on grease may require a stronger, heavy duty cleaner.
- June 4, 2019

Excellent for cleaning!

I used this product to clean the exterior microwave that sits above the stove and frequently gets build up from grease. It worked perfect and I will definitely buy this product again! I have also used it to clean other items in my kitchen that get grease build up from being in the kitchen and it works great!


Cleaned well

I used this to clean the stove door and it did work well. I didn't like the smell but it did get the job done so I was still happy. It was easy to use all. The trigger was easy to push as well and sprayed good.


Easy to use

We loved this item! It came in an easy to use bottle. It smells nice and works well. As a bonus we discovered it also disables fruit flies so they are easier to kill, lol. But we do love the product.


Works great

Once I received this I thought it be great to clean all my grandfather's tools and work bench items. I sprayed it on and then wiped it off with a cloth. It made them all clean and grease and squeak free. I will be using this product again in the future. It goes great with the WD-40 line.


Awesome degreaser

I got this awesome WD40 degreaser for my husband. He absolutely loves it! Said it does exactly what it's supposed to. It's a great cleaner for your auto, tools, and mechanical stuff. And it's from a brand I've used and trusted for years!


Works great!

I received this product, WD-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser from TryIt Sampling in exchange for my honest review. I used the product on some of my husband’s grease-covered tools in the garage. I followed the application instructions then rinsed off after the appropriate amount of time. It really worked wonders on these tools. The grease was actually dripping off while I rinsed.


awesome worked great

WD 40 has always been a staple in my household, I never knew that there were other products. I've always used heavy degreasers. This product works amazing and I only have to use a little amount. This is my favorite cleaner in my garage.


Did what I needed it to

I have some old tools I wanted to clean off for my husband and could not find anything that made them look new. Glad I found this it help make the tools look good as new. I also liked that it was not an overwhelming smell like some of the aerosol products can have (I know that this is not aerosol, that is why I got it).