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Four Ways to Spice Up Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Four Ways to Spice Up Your Kitchen Cabinetry

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A home’s kitchen serves as a central point for its occupants, for families, individuals, roommates, and guests. It’s a place to gather and share, eat and be merry. When looking for ways to add a little ambiance, giving your kitchen cabinets and drawers a “face-lift” can go a long way. No need to spend thousands of dollars installing new cabinetry – read below for four simple ways to give your cabinetry a makeover and reinvigorate a key room of your home.



1. Add some color

Painting your cabinetry can give your kitchen a whole new look without breaking the bank. Before you start the project, it’s important to have the right type of paint. We recommend choosing a primer that’s made for the type of surface you have (wood, metal, etc.) and have it tinted to the color of the topcoat.


Additionally, you will need to choose between acrylic and water-based paint – which are low-fume and are easily cleaned with water – or alkyd and oil-based paint – which are hard and durable, but have high fumes. We love these step-by-step instructions for painting cabinetry from This Old House and Behr.


2.Open it up

Not all cabinets need to have doors! Take the doors off and add style and function to your kitchen. Open shelving helps visually expand kitchens. From displaying your dishware to holding all your cookbooks – the options are limitless. Need ideas? Check out some of these budget-friendly open storage ideas here.


3. Backsplash a cabinet

Has the back wall of your cabinet seen better days? Give it a much-needed update by creating the appearance of a backsplash with wallpaper. , We love this idea from Better Homes and Gardens. For tips on how to best apply wallpaper, check out this article from How Stuff Works.



4. Curtain call

To shake things up, add a curtain to one cabinet. Cabinet curtains are a simple addition to your kitchen, and you can make them from new fabric or even sheets. For some handy tips on how to make curtains for your cabinets, follow these instructions from eHow.


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