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DIY Resolutions for 2022

DIY Resolutions for 2022

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Although much may be said about the unusual start of the 2020’s, one silver lining is the strong showing of Do-It-Yourself projects creating new features, skills, and positive memories in peoples’ homes. The DIY trend has very few boundaries and a bit of handiwork can help reimagine nearly anything from indoor furniture, outdoor social and garden spaces, storage areas, crafts, and so much more. As the New Year approaches the coming days, weeks, and seasons await fresh ideas to brighten households and produce lasting results from a little hard work. Read on below for a few DIY Resolution possibilities to take into 2022 and beyond.

Where to Begin

DIY projects aren’t your day job – they stem from passions, interests, hobbies, and things you want to bring into your life or home. While some people are filled with ideas of what project they want to tackle next, others may wish to pause for reflection on what might pique their interest or tug at their heartstrings. Needs and desires for spouses and family members also enter as a factor, and projects such as efficient shelving for the closet and a tree house for the kids can bring rich and intangible rewards for the effort that’s given. As 2021 comes to a close, take a moment to consider what kinds of effort has the potential to create joy for yourself, your home, and the people close to you.

The Big Things, the Little Things

With New Years resolutions people tend to thing in terms of BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals – à la Built to Last by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras). There’s much to be said for the little projects, however, that you can do in an hour, a day, or a weekend to keep your motivation high and your wheels spinning. Check out these 30 Easy and Awesome DIY Projects you can do at home for fun, to learn something new, or even to start a side-hustle.

Big projects are more like bucket list items. They require planning, sufficient resources, and possibly the acquisition of new skills or knowledge in order to accomplish them – which is part of the appeal. These kinds of larger DIY projects can be a rewarding solo journey with many lessons learned along the way, or you can recruit experienced friends or family members to leverage assistance from people already in your network. Some examples of larger projects might be a house addition or a deck, a DIY hot tub or sauna, or perhaps a project to stimulate a new field of interest such as welding a metal sculpture.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Most DIY projects are not done out of necessity, but for the comforts, convenience, and entertainment they can deliver and for the love of the craft. These undertakings exist outside of basic needs and what you do to make a living and provide for your family. As you envision what new projects and goals to call forth in the new year, examine too the feelings that come with the opportunity to pursue your passions. Gratitude is best served often and in small doses, so don’t be afraid to share an appreciation for your accomplishments and for the efforts of others in your home. Show that you care about your work and take pride in what you create, for gratitude is a gift that grows more abundant as you give it away. If you’re looking for more inspiration come January, check out the DIY Bucket List book for prompts, lists, and ideas of what and how to plan for the coming year.


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