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UPC 0 79567 30028 1
UPC 0 79567 30028 1

WD-40 Specialist® Degreaser

A powerful solvent-based degreaser  that actually dissolves grease and oil.   

WD-40 Specialist® Degreaser is an industrial-strength fast acting formula that quickly cleans tools, machinery, engines and equipment to look like new and run smooth. Contains a WD-40® proprietary industrial-strength solvent that quickly breaks down grease, yet unlike other harsh degreaser solvents is safe on most surfaces including metals, plastics, rubber, glass, aluminum and more (if unsure test on a small area first). Great for use on automotive and truck engines, tractors, forklifts, gears and chains, industrial machinery, power equipment and other metal tools with heavy greasy soils & messes.

  •  High flashpoint, no residue, and multi-surface
  • Dissolves grease and oil with WD40(R) proprietary technology
  • 50-state VOC compliant
  • NSF Category K1 (#150956)

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4.88 (52 Customer Reviews)
4.88 (52)

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Quick and easy

The degreaser is easy to apply and works well. It is a good addition to a workman's arsenal. I used it on some engine parts that I was cleaning up. It made the job quite a bit faster and it cuts grease well.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with this product. We appreciate your feedback and hope WD-40® Brand Products continue to serve you well in the future.
- May 11, 2021

Always reliable

WD40 is the greatest invention since the wheel! This stuff makes anything and everything glide smoother than when it's brand new. I can't recommend this product enough for any job you need to degrease.



The WD40 specialist degreaser is from a well known company with well known products and to answer the question yes it works. I work on motors but have used it on a lot of other things. The worst is when you have all that grease on your tools and can’t get them clean, luckily WD40 degreaser works great. It’s fast acting industrial strength solvent. Other things I used it for is to cleaning grease in new metal before painting. I will use this product because it works.


Effective, no residue

This wd-40 industrial degreaser works fast and is safe on just about any surface without leaving behind any noticeable residue. So far I've used it to clean some engine bolts, my stovetop, and aluminum intake manifolds and it worked equally well in all scenarios. Also the smell is not overwhelming.


Really works great!

I have had this Industrial Strength degreaser from WD40 for about a month now and have used this in so many ways I didn't even know was possible! I have kids, so, I have stickers stuck to my car windows! Well, this worked wonders getting them off. I have used for getting sap and tar off my car! Even those pesty insects! I recently had one of my vehicles need a lot of work and this WD40 made this process go way smoother than I excepted! Some parts come out full of grease and give this a spray and boom! Not greasy! The can is a nice big size to keep you going for a long time. It sprays perfect! No clogs or faulty nozzle. Works fantastic! I'll be recommending this to all my buddies the possibilities are almost endless.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with this product. WD-40 Specialist® Industrial Strength Degreaser is a favorite for many users of our products, and we're very proud of the superior performance it demonstrates. We appreciate your feedback and hope to continue to serve you well in the future.
- March 12, 2021

A guys tool

This is great for any mechanic or carpenter or just a man in general to keep on hand. From working on cars, bikes, or households a good squirt of this and no grease anymore. Used in the bathroom to get the grimy stuff up around the sink. Used on my oven door to finally get rid of the buildup that I’ve had for years. I also used it to clean up the motor in my Nissan Altima and with every job i have had no complaints. My favorite part is the double nozzle. Flip for precise spray in a small location or flip down for a broad spray on bigger surfaces. All around a good product.


Outstanding performance

I had high faith in this brand from previous products and this one works just as great. I tested it on some removed car parts and had a great deal of ease cleaning off grease and dirt build up. I also tested this on light rust and it performed well. Simple to use and so far not messy when storing. Overall a fantastic product. I couldn’t be happier with the results.


Strong and gets the job done

Wd-40 specialist industrial strength degreaser is fast acting and lives up to the WD-40 brand. It's really easy to use. You only need a small amount but can apply as much as needed. It works within minutes eating the grease away. Definitely needs to be in all garages, it really works!!


WD-40 Forever

As anyone will tell you - all a man needs is some WD-40 and duct tape to get through life. They do excellent work and this is industrial strength. Whatever you are working on doesn't stand a chance.

Squeaky Rob

Still the best!

If you're like me you've been using WD-40 products for years... and for good reason. This degreaser is fast-acting and doesn't leave any gross residue. I'd recommend this for everyone to keep around their house.