Metal Lubricant Spray: Trigger Pro with Spray Nozzle | WD-40
UPC 0 79567 49010 4
UPC 0 79567 49010 4

WD-40® Trigger Pro®

WD-40 Multi-Use Product protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything. WD-40 Trigger Pro® has the same great formula, and is in a non-aerosol format that provides more control, less mess, and easy disposal.

  • Non-aerosol
  • Durable spray trigger
  • 50-state VOC compliant

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4.55 (67)

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Mr Fred

I like it

Why did you stop making this, I liked it very much!



The spray head is not removable without considerable modifications. These should be refillable! The plastic refillable spray bottles bite the dust after a couple weeks and are not worth it. All the alternatives I’ve tried so far (quite a few) either don’t hold up to the WD-40 because of the seals or do t hold up because of the plastic degrading (Zep or similar spray bottles) the plastic bottles die after a week.


Very Serviceable

This trigger can is a must have just about anywhere. I have polished many surfaces with it and I have also coated all my landscaping equipment. I even removed stuck gum from my own hair after laying down on a sofa. Good product

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with this product. We appreciate your feedback and hope WD-40® Brand Products continue to serve you well in the future.
- January 15, 2021

Nice for cleaning dirty machines - but -

This is super nice for flooding an area, like an old milling machine table or a lathe. It is deceiving though - you would think - you could simply remove the cap and refill. That is not the case. The company thought it best to make the spray head non-removable, without cutting part of the cap away. This is a very deceiving product. If I would have know this before buying - I would have just grabbed a cheap spray bottle & the gallon refill.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with this product. The WD-40® Trigger Pro® delivery system is a great non-aerosol option for our multi-use product, however it does still need to maintain an awareness for concerns such as child safety and other regional rules and guidelines. Still, there are some online resources that may help you have the best of both worlds. We appreciate your feedback and hope to continue to serve you well in the future -- thank you for choosing WD-40® Brand Products.
- January 15, 2021

So easy and handy

So easy and handy to use. I've been saying for years this was great idea every time I grab my spray can of WD 40. Finally you have more control on just how much you need. Wife loves this too. Easy to use on door jambs and anything that doesn't need a large amount. Perfect concept and will definitely buy again.

Thanks for your review -- we're glad to learn our products are serving you well. We appreciate the insights on how you've used WD-40® Trigger Pro® to great effect -- thank you for sharing and for choosing the WD-40® Brand.
- December 18, 2020


I like how convenient this bottle of spray is. I feel I get a more accurate spray without any overspray or mess that can be involved. I also appreciate the non-aerosol bottle and multi use function. The odor that is left behind is not overwhelming.

Thank you for sharing these thoughts and insights with the WD-40 Community. We're glad this product is serving you well and appreciate your feedback.
- September 16, 2020

Nice Product.

This is a great product. It stays in my tool box and I will be buying more. In my opinion it works just as well as the aerosol but is easier to use with the trigger. Sprays exactly where I need it to. Keeps all my items items squeak free!


Multi use product.

I live in an old house, so this stuff comes in handy in a ton of places, from getting labels off things, to polishing tools and a million things in between. This pump bottle has been great, I thought I'd miss the aerosol that I was used to, but this is great to use. I like that I can control the stream or spray. Also came in handy last week when a key got stuck in one if my doors. A million uses and the pump action is a great bonus!


Great spray feature!

Glad they came out with a non-aerosol version. This is a lot easier to control the spray and lightly hit the areas that need WD-40 the most. Very happy with the new and improved version and even help the environment.

Russell 44

Worked great

I am very happy I got it. Used it when I was working on my van . The sprayer helped a lot while using it. Loved the design of the can & easy to use it was. Definitely would recommend this to my friends & family.