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Tennis, often called the “sport for a lifetime,” is a great way for people of all ages to get good exercise. It can be done in small groups, at a distance, in both indoor and outdoor spaces across the continents. A simple way to learn to enjoy the game is to improve your serve. Scoring points only happens while serving, and knowing how to (at least) get the ball in in the right spot on a serve is crucial. Read on for five basic steps that will help transform your serve from a liability into an asset.


Get a Loose Grip - While you don’t want to accidentally throw your racquet at your opponent (or shouldn’t), fiercely gripping the racket will also detract from your performance. Keep your grip relaxed. Similarly, grip the ball lightly with your fingertips, not your palm, before throwing it above you. For reference, shows the three main ways to hold a racquet.


Bend, Then Stand - Start by standing sideways and bending your knees, and then transfer your weight from your front leg to your back leg while reaching up for the ball. TennisCoachTV does a good job of showing how the pros do this.


Toss It Up - Toss the ball high above you – a bit higher than you can reach with the top of your racquet, and slightly in front of you. Try to let go of the ball when it’s at the point where your throwing arm is fully extended.


Swing Forward - Bend the elbow of your swinging arm. Hit the ball at the highest point you can reach. In your follow-through, the weight of your body should fall into the court. Just be prepared for the ball to be returned.


Practice Often - You’ll want to master a basic, flat serve before getting too fancy. In other words, practice being fluid and hitting the ball with the sweet spot of the racquet before turning up the power too much to ensure you have a good feel for the proper motion. Then, ask your friend to play a game and see how much your score improves.


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