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Camping Tips for Summer Trips

Camping Tips for Summer Trips

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Camping can be the perfect peaceful getaway with family and friends, but it can also be stressful without the right preparation. Use these five tips to ensure you’re able to get the most out of your time in the great outdoors this season.


1. Pick the Right Site

Once you’ve picked a general camping spot, you’ll want to choose the best site at that location. After all, there’s nothing less peaceful than being right next to a main road when you’re trying to get in touch with nature.  Helpful information can be found online at sites like when searching for location advice. If you’re staying at a campground, do some research ahead of time and look at the map on the campground’s website before booking. You’ll likely want to find a spot with appropriate shelter or tree cover, and a flat surface for your tent is a must.


2. Sleep Soundly

Don’t spend your time in the great outdoors tired and groggy because of cold and uncomfortable sleeping conditions. Get a good night’s rest by planning appropriately. Bring a pad or inflatable mattress to be a buffer between the rough terrain and your back, and get a good sleeping bag with a temperature rating suitable for your chosen environment. Camping can be a great way to have a vacation on a budget, but it’s recommended not to skimp on the critical items that keep you warm and cozy as you rest. Win the night, and you’ll be conquering trails all the next day.


3. Get the Fire Going

Building a fire is the cornerstone to a good camping trip. Being mindful of fire regulations in your area, start by selecting a location that’s away from tree branches and clear of flammable ground material. Create a circle of stones and a place to store collected wood and kindling. If you’re foraging for fuel to burn in the woods, begin with small pieces of tinder and kindling to stack under a fire foundation structure such as log cabin, lean-to, or teepee formation. Light with matches or a lighter and proceed to progressively larger sticks and logs as the flames catch, spread, and form a bed of coals.


4. Eat Well

Seasoned campers soon realize that meals in the woods are not doomed to always be freeze-dried just because you’re camping. You can prepare sandwiches beforehand, which can stay fresh for days. Bring nuts, cheese and vegetables to munch on as snacks. A small spice kit can make what you do cook taste more flavorful. Sunset Magazine even has nine gourmet recipes for campers who want more than just hot dogs and marshmallows. 


5. Stay Organized

You’ll spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time setting up and locating gear if you stay organized throughout your journey. Place items in your bag in the order in which you’ll take them out. Stack beverage cans at the bottom of your cooler with ice over the top of them to ensure they stay cold. Have a system for how and when to set up the tent before it gets too dark. And don’t try to do it all yourself – see if your family or friends can help, and help others out in turn.


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