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Backyard Enhancements for Summer

Backyard Enhancements for Summer

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Summer is in full swing, and that spring cleaning has left your backyard looking good. Now is the time to add some fun and even some needed enhancements so you can enjoy all summer long. Check out the following ideas for ways to make even better use of your backyard this summer.

Targets for Sport Practice

If you have kids or enjoy practicing different kinds of team sports on your own, setting up a target in your backyard for throwing a baseball, football, or even a frisbee can be quite fun. A net on the ground for soccer can serve both for solo practice or small backyard games, and if you’re feeling intrepid (and have the space) an archery target really hit the mark. Head over to SportsFanOutlet for good deals on equipment and ideas for how to turn your backyard into its own playground.

Volleyball Net

Raising a volleyball net in your backyard can lead to hours of joy with friends and family and contributes towards continuing an active lifestyle. You can simply buy a kit to set up and break down in one day (great for parties), rig a net between trees or from bolts attached to your house or fence, or go all-in and dig in posts measured to make a proper outdoor court. has a number of resources for purchasing equipment made in the USA, along with rules and regulations for setting up your course.

Pergolas and Patios

Whether you’re hosting friends & family or simply want to enjoy the serenity of your own space, it’s all about the ambiance. A pergola, patio, or other outdoor feature can really up the game of your front, back or side yard and also put you in the habit of getting outside more often. Water features can be tricky when adding plumbing, filters, pumps, and electricity so if you’re going to do it yourself you may want to keep it simple. Check out the WD-40® Brand Blog on pergolas for more info on where to get started.


Tip: If you’re into archery, try using WD-40 Specialist® Silicone to lubricate the shafts of your arrows so they will not stick as tightly in the target.

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