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Top 3 DIY Ideas for Organization

Top 3 DIY Ideas for Organization

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During the winter, it’s important to store cold weather accessories where they can be easily pulled out before you go outside and returned to their place when you get back home. Many people choose to store coats, boots and scarfs in a coat closet, mudroom or entryway area, but this can quickly turn into a mess if each item doesn’t have a home. Read on for three DIY ideas to keep your accessories organized, separated and easily accessible.  


1. Scarfs, Hats and Gloves

To maintain a neat collection of your scarfs, hats and gloves, consider this easy-to-make divider idea from Lowe’s. All you need is a 4-inch by 5-foot PVC pipe and a 12-by-10-by-16-inch wood floor bin (both available at Lowe’s). Measure and mark six lines 9 inches apart around the PVC pipe and trace a line around the pipe. Using a hacksaw, cut each pipe section to length following the lines. Once all pipes are cut, sand the ends smooth and round over the top pipe edges with sandpaper. Wipe the pipes clean, and apply a thin layer of adhesive on the bottom of each pipe and insert them into the basket. To see what the finished product will look like, click here.


2. Creative Branch Coat Rack

This inexpensive and easy project from Garden Therapy shows how you can create a one-of-kind coat rack with some branches, a wood plank and a few tools. For a full list of supplies, click here. The first step is to cut sections of branches that have a nice shape to make a hook, and are thick enough to hold coats when mounted. Lay your branches out on your board to get the pattern and look that you like. If the wood is green, then it must dry before you use it. To do this, place the wood in a warm, dry room until it turns brown. Sand the edges of the branches lightly so there are no sharp edges to snag your coats. Drill pilot holes in the wood with a thin drill bit, which will help the screw go through the wood without splitting (click here for a visual on how to do this). Then, carefully drill each branch through the pilot hole onto the back of the board.


3. Rolling Boot Rack

Bulky boots are a necessity when the weather turns cold. Prevent tracking mud and snow throughout your home, with this easy-to-make rolling boot rack from Bob Vila. All you need is a metal bin with holes in it and four casters (available at The Home Depot). Once you have your supplies, you’ll need to attach each caster to the bottom of the metal bin. To learn how to glue metal to metal, follow these instructions from After you’ve glued all casters to the bin, your rolling boot rack is complete.


Tip: Use WD-40 Specialist® Dry Lube to lubricate the wheels on your rolling boot rack.

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