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3 Bench Builds for Your Backyard

3 Bench Builds for Your Backyard

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Tip: Use WD-40 Specialist® Penetrant to remove rusted and stuck hardware from pallets during the disassembly process.

Whether pursuing the finer things or simpler pleasures in life, a backyard respite can be the perfect place to relax and get some fresh air. Enhancing your outdoor living space with a nice bench can add a both a gathering place for group experiences and also an open air space for couples and individuals. Below you’ll find three of our favorite Do-It-Yourself bench ideas that can bring personality to your yard and get you ready for the warm days to come this summer.


1. Plank Bench

A plank bench is one of the most popular and easiest benches to build, starting from only seven pieces of lumber and a handful of hardware pieces. Popular Mechanics has a full materials list available here and recommends using Western red cedar, which is naturally weather resistant. To learn how to build this style of bench, check out this step-by-step guide.


2. Planter Bench

When planter benches are built correctly, they can create a little oasis in your yard. We love This Old House’s planter bench idea that uses the planters for the bench piers. Make sure your bench is with you for the long haul by using rot and weather-resistant wood (available at The Home Depot), which will keep the plants in your bench safe. To see which plants are good for your climate, check out the United States Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zone Map


3. Pallet Bench

Making a bench out of wooden pallets is a perfect option for those on a tight budget. You can find wood pallets at yard sales or online (ULINE has some great bulk deals). Check out these step-by-step instructions from Instructables on how to make a pallet bench. If you would like to add some color to the bench, watch this video from Better Homes and Gardens.

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