Top 26 Most Unusual Uses for WD-40 Multi-Use Product | WD-40

Top 26 Most Unusual Uses for WD-40 Multi-Use Product

Top 26 Most Unusual Uses for WD-40 Multi-Use Product

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  1. Keeps grass from sticking to lawnmower blades.
  2. Removes baked-on bird droppings from car and truck exteriors.
  3. Helps make snow "roll" right off when applied to snow shovels.
  4. Removes tree sap from a variety of surfaces.
  5. Unsticks piano keys.
  6. Helps remove broken keys from locks.
  7. Removes insects from front grill.
  8. Prevents foliage from sticking to pruning shears.
  9. Makes dirt slide off hole diggers when sprayed on before using.
  10. Frees stuck LEGO® blocks (be sure to wash with soap and wipe clean before use).
  11. Can be used to pre-treat laundry before washing to help remove roofing tar stains.
  12. Helps break-in baseball mitts.
  13. Keeps dirt and mud from sticking to ATVs.
  14. Removed a boa constrictor stuck in engine compartment.
  15. Keeps clay from sticking to molds during crafting.
  16. Can provide an interesting texture/base for art when sprayed on canvas or poster board.
  17. Helps prevent rust on hide-a-key containers.
  18. Lubricates luggage zippers.
  19. Removes crayon from a variety of surfaces.
  20. Removes permanent ink from white boards.
  21. Use the bottom of a can as a stencil for a circle while in the field.
  22. Use a full can as a nifty paper weight.
  23. Removes gum from a variety of surfaces.
  24. Spray on doorknobs to keep paint from sticking.
  25. Spray in a box of nails to keep them fresh and rust-free.
  26. Keeps paint from sticking to paint brushes.


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