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Top 26 Most Unusual Uses for WD-40 Multi-Use Product

Top 26 Most Unusual Uses for WD-40 Multi-Use Product

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  1. Keep grass from sticking to lawnmower blades.

    Lawn mower upkeep is easy with WD-40® Multi-Use Product. Spray blades before mowing to keep them clean, sharp and corrosion-free. Your post-chore clean-up will be fast and simple; wipe down the blades, and your lawn mower will be ready for its next spin around the green. 

  2. Get baked-on bird droppings off car and truck exteriors.

    Protect your vehicle’s finish—and resale value. Spray a healthy coat of WD-40 Multi-Use Product onto the affected surfaces then wipe away bird droppings with a rag. Keep a can on hand in areas where birds congregate, like barns and lakeside parking spots. 

  3. Make snow roll right off your snow shovel.

    Cut down on snow shoveling time with this neat trick: Spray the original WD-40 formula on both sides of your shovel before you start. Watch snow, ice and slush slide off the surface. No more stopping every few steps to dislodge built-up snow from your shovel. 

  4. Get tree sap off a variety of surfaces.

    One of the stickiest materials known to nature, tree sap is no match for WD-40 Multi-Use Product. Carefully scrape off as much residue as possible, and then rub a little of the original WD-40 formula in to break up the rest of the sap. 

  5. Unstick piano keys.

    Everyone knows WD-40 Multi-Use Product is a DIYer’s best friend, but musicians need to keep a can on hand, too. Use it to loosen stuck piano keys and get back to the music. WD-40 EZ-REACH® has a bendable straw that can lubricate hard-to-reach piano parts easily. 

  6. Loosen broken keys from locks.

    A broken key is a guaranteed day-ruiner…until WD-40 Multi-Use Product comes to the rescue. Whether you’re working on a car door, a tool shed lock, or a stuck keyed safe, use WD-40’s Smart-Straw® to loosen lock components and remove the broken key. 

  7. Wipe off insects from your vehicle’s front grill.

    Did you spring for the most expensive car wash option and still emerge with insect remains coating your car or truck’s front grill? Soak the grill with WD-40® Multi-Use Product, then use a rag to wipe away all the sticky remnants of your last road trip. 

  8. Prevent foliage from sticking to pruning shears.

    WD-40 Multi-Use Product can make yard work much less of a chore. Pre-treat your pruning shear blades with the original WD-40 formula for sharper cuts, less tool corrosion and easier clean-up. 

  9. Make dirt slide off hole diggers.

    Whether you’re planting trees, building a deck, or repairing fences, be sure to start by spraying your post hole diggers with WD-40 Multi-Use Product. Digging will be cleaner and faster, and your clean-up and storage will be simplified. 

  10. Free stuck LEGO® blocks.

    It’s a common parenting request: Unstick fused blocks so the fun can go on! Use WD-40 Smart Straw to target even the tiniest pieces and then simply pull them apart. Be sure to wash the blocks with soap and wipe clean before playtime resumes.

  11. Eliminate roofing tar stains on clothing.

    Roofers swear by this little-known WD-40® Multi-Use Product trick: Pre-treat gooey, oily tar stains by spraying the original WD-40 formula, wait for 30 seconds to 10 minutes (depending on the severity of the stain), then wipe with a cloth and throw in the wash. 

  12. Break-in baseball mitts.

    Every baseball player has a favorite break-in method, but here’s one of the best: Spray the baseball glove with the original WD-40 formula, place a baseball inside and wrap with rubber bands. Leave the glove overnight to soften and shape it around the ball. 

  13. Keep dirt and mud from sticking to ATVs.

    Off-roading is fun; cleaning up ATVs after a long, muddy day isn’t. Before you leave the beaten path, spray ATVs with WD-40 Multi-Use Product to help keep dirt, dust and corrosion at bay. 

  14. Keep clay from sticking to molds during crafting.

    Keep the creativity flowing with WD-40 Multi-Use Product. Spray the inside of molds with the original WD-40 formula before packing them with clay for easy removal and clean-up. 

  15. Create interesting artworks.

    If you spray WD-40 Multi-Use Product on canvas or poster board and let it dry, you’ll get an interesting textured base to work from. Or mix a few drops of it with acrylic paint and pour on to your canvas for unique liquid cell shapes. 

  16. Prevent rust on hide-a-key containers.

    A hidden key is no help if it’s stuck inside its box! Spray the moving parts of both house and car hide-a-key containers with WD-40 Multi-Use Product to prevent corrosion—and the inconvenience of being locked out. 

  17. Lubricate luggage zippers.

    Don’t struggle with your suitcases. Spray WD-40 Multi-Use Product on stubborn luggage zippers to make packing and unpacking a snap. The Smart-Straw helps target the zipper and minimize the mess. 

  18. Removes crayon from a variety of surfaces.

    Who didn’t take crayons to forbidden surfaces when they were a kid? Here’s a pro-parent tip: the original WD-40 formula can help you restore a variety of surfaces back to their pre-crayon condition.

  19. No more permanent marker on your white board.

    Reached for the wrong marker, and now your in-the-moment note is looking here to stay? Don’t fear. Spray WD-40 Multi-Use Product over the offending “permanent” ink, wipe, and then it should be like new again.   

  20. Use the bottom of a can as a stencil for a circle while in the field.

    Whether you’re crafting or contracting, someday you’re going to find a need for a circle stencil. The WD-40 Multi-Use Product is here to help. Just grab a pencil and trace around the can.

  21. Use a full can as a nifty paper weight

    Busy garages and auto shops know this time-honored trick: Use a WD-40 Multi-Use Product can to keep receipts, notes and other paperwork in place. 

  22. Wipe gum off a variety of surfaces.

    This tip has been passed down through several generations of savvy cleaners: Use WD-40® Multi-Use Product to unstick gum from shoes, clothes, carpet and more. Scrape away as much gum as you can, spray with WD-40, blot, remove and rinse. 

  23. Keep paint from sticking to doorknobs and handles.

    Keep the paint where you planned to put it. Spray the original WD-40 formula on doorknobs, handles, pulls and other metal hardware before you begin a paint job. If a few stray drops of paint get away from you, they’ll be easy to wipe up.

  24. Keep nails fresh and rust-free.

    Don’t let nails corrode on your shop shelf. Spray entire boxes of nails with the original WD-40 formula to keep them fresh, rust-free and ready-to-use. 

  25. Keep paint from sticking to paint brushes.

    Spray WD-40 Multi-Use Product on paint brush bristles to get them soft, supple and ready for their next use. Paint brushes will be easier to clean when pre-treated with the original WD-40 formula and then stored. 

  26. Get a boa constrictor out of an engine compartment.

    This is the most unusual use of WD-40® Multi-Use Product ever reported to our team. We hope you never find yourself in this unlikely predicament, but if you do, you’ll be glad you stocked an extra WD-40 can or two in your garage!


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