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How Farms Work

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For those who’ve never lived or worked on a farm, the equipment operation, techniques, daily activities, and farming strategies can be an intriguing mystery. How Farms Work (@howfarmswork) explores this arcadian world through a “vlog” dedicated to “remembering the lost part of America's rural history.” Using primarily YouTube content with recorded and live feed videos from farms in Wisconsin, Ryan Kuster and his family dive into dairy, beef, and crop farms to deliver these untold stories from the American Midwest.

A Vlog, You Say?

Video blogs, or vlogs, is a form of storytelling through (usually short) videos on a personal website or social media channel. While there are thousands of ways to upload and share vlogs, YouTube remains one of the largest and most popular platforms. Ryan started seriously posting content to the How Farms Work channel in 2012 and today his videos have amassed nearly 90 million views. For a category that had a relatively small online presence before the rise of vlogs, some would deem the story of How Farms Work “udderly” amazing.

Life on the Farm

The dynamic, family friendly content shared by Ryan, his siblings and his parents showcases real-life situations and the process of working through problems to find solutions on a near daily basis. Some vlogs are short clips focused on a specific issue, while others simply livestream what’s going on one of about ten different Wisconsin farms at a given time. The focus shifts day-to-day featuring different types of farms, equipment, and scenarios that arise in agricultural industries.

The Cream of the Crop

How Farms Work originally aimed to reach an audience already interested in farming. Now, with nearly 300,000 subscribers and an archive of videos viewed by millions of people, the original mission has adapted to serve as an educational resource for people who know little to nothing about farming. The result is a tool to share knowledge and stories through a blend of modern technology and one of mankind’s oldest industries.

Ryan’s first-hand accounts of small and medium-sized farming affords many opportunities to demonstrate the effectiveness of WD-40® Brand Products in a variety of agricultural applications. Keep an eye out for these superior performance products in action when viewing the How Farms Work YouTube Channel – a long-time WD-40® Brand Partner.


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