WD40 Uses for Industrial Workers and DIY Pros

For Those Who Live Life Hands OnTM

WD-40 Brand is in the business of creating positive lasting memories. We are with the doers, builders, and makers even in the most extreme, cannot fail, situations to get the job done right. Our brand delivers the trust and performance needed to instill confidence at work, home, and play and empowers people to Live Life Hands On.

We are sharing real life stories of how DIYers, tradesmen, industrial workers, and sport professionals rely on WD-40 Brand product performance that ultimately allows them to Live Life Hands On.

Explore All Our Stories Below

Brett Simpson

Residential/Commercial Handyman/Carpenter

Dan Baker

Automotive aftermarket parts supplier

Joseph Olivier

Manufacturing & Engineering

Makenna McLaughlin

smog specialist

Ricardo Mercado

Superintendent for Safeway Electric

Matt Myrick

Off Road Fabrication and Media

Leigh Donovan



Professional Cyclist

Kyle Leduc


Dylan Strachan and Molly McClung

Woodworking and Diy


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