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WD-40 Specialist: Lubricant, Degreasers, Cleaners

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WD-40 Specialist® Gel Lube

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WD-40 Specialist Gel Lube No-Drip Formula offers long lasting lubrication. Designed for superior protection that resists water and displaces moisture to prevent rust for up to one year.(1) This spray gel lubricant goes on thick and stays where you spray, making it ideal for use on vertical surfaces and offers non-fling for moving parts such as gears, bearings, cables, chains, rollers and more. Once applied, it withstands temperature ranges from -100°F to 500°F. Safe to use on multiple surfaces including metals, plastic and rubber.

  • Lubricates 15X longer than the competition (2)
  • Protects the surface from corrosion up to 6X longer than the competition (3)
  • Perfect for vertical surfaces 
  • 50-state VOC compliant

(1) Independent tests conducted in salt spray and humidity chamber. Results may vary depending on extreme conditions

(2) Test Lab: Petro-Lubricant Laboratories Inc. (Lafayette, NJ): ASTM D5620A: Test date: 04/2020

(3) Test Lab: WD-40 Co. Technical Center (Pine Brook, NJ); ASTM B117; Test date: 03/2020

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