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April 01, 2001

Simple Steps to Maintaining Gardening Equipment with WD-40®

Garden tools and equipment can last a lifetime if steps are taken to keep them clean and rust-free. Cleaning and protecting garden tools with a multi-purpose spray lubricant will significantly extend their working life. This is especially important for...

February 22, 2001

New Fan Club Honors One of America's Favorite Brands

ᅠWe have all heard of fan clubs for sports teams, singers and other celebrities, but few consumer products have the kind of following that warrants their own fan club. However, few consumer products have the kind of fan loyalty that WD-40 ® has. In ...

February 22, 2001

World-Famous Lubricant Uncovers 2,000 Uses in 2000

ᅠA ubiquitous product—yes. Thousands of ideas on how to use it—definitely. But 300,000 individual submissions?! That is the unbelievable number of entries sent to WD-40® Company by consumers throughout the U.S. and Canada over the course of WD-...