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Give Your Tools Some TLC

October 19, 2005

How many times have you reached for a much-needed tool, only to find it covered in grease and grime, rusted shut or inoperable? Don't you wish you had an easy way to clean and protect your tools so they're ready to go when you're ready to use them?

Taking care of your tools is essential to making home improvement easy and successful, and the makers of one of America's favorite lubricants have designed a way to make sure your tools stay in tip-top shape. Give your tools a bath with the WD-40 Tool Bath!

This simple-to-use, easy-to-make "bath" will save you time, effort and elbow grease, and should be a part of your everyday maintenance of automotive, gardening, construction and other tools. You can also use the WD-40 Tool Bath to clean and lubricate other small parts.

Make your own WD-40 Tool Bath at home by following these simple instructions*:

For larger tools:

  • Fill a metal coffee can half-way with WD-40 (consider using the one-gallon container of WD-40 for easier dispensing)
  • After you're done using your tools, "dunk" them in the WD-40 Tool Bath, wipe them down with a dry cloth and store them until their next use. Doing this will help prevent rust and corrosion, provide excellent lubrication, and keep tools looking shiny and new
  • Empty the WD-40 from the coffee can, put the top back on, and store it in a safe place for the next time you need to give your tools some TLC

    For smaller tools, nuts and bolts:

  • Drill small holes near the bottom of an old soup can
  • Place items in the soup can
  • Fill a metal coffee can half-way with WD-40
  • Dunk the soup can into the coffee can, allowing WD-40 to flow in through the holes drilled in the soup can. The WD-40 will dissolve grease and grime, penetrate stuck parts and drive away moisture
  • Remove the soup can from the coffee can, and dry tools with a dry cloth
  • After WD-40 Tool Bath use, empty the WD-40 from the coffee can, place the soup can inside the coffee can, place the lid on the coffee can and store the unit in a safe place

    The WD-40 Tool Bath will help keep your tools in the best shape possible, so you can complete tasks with ease. Build one today and give your tools some TLC.

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    What you'll need for a WD-40 Tool Bath:

  • 1 empty coffee can
  • 1 empty metal soup can
  • WD-40 (a one-gallon jug is suggested)
  • 1 dry cloth
  • 1 standard drill and drill bits br> br> *NOTE: DO NOT PLACE ANY POWER TOOLS IN THE WD-40 TOOL BATH