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Car Clean-Up is Easy With WD-40®

April 01, 2001

It is easy to say that Americans have a love affair with their cars. In fact, they spend millions if not billions of dollars each year on a variety of products to clean them. Without knowing it, however, they may already have a common household product tucked away in a closet or garage that can do the job better and for less money.

WD-40, which works wonders as a lubricant, is also a multi-purpose cleaner, penetrant, moisture displacer and rust preventative. The product has been reported by many consumers to be a great product to keep a car clean, both inside and out. It's effective in removing tar, mud and other deposits from chrome and painted surfaces without harming the finish.

WD-40 also works great on a car’s grill to remove or prevent build-up of splattered bugs and grime. It will even remove old bumper stickers with ease. A spray of WD-40 on the hood or roof and a rinse with soapy water will also remove tree sap or bird droppings.

WD-40 also works well in the car's interior. If the upholstery or carpet has been soiled with crayon or greasy fingerprints, a spray of WD-40 on the affected area and a gentle rubbing with a cloth can remove the stain. It is also used to remove gum stuck in carpeting or between seats. It is suggested to wash with soap and water after removal.

So skip the expensive car care products for now and take care of many car cleaning needs with this one versatile product that is probably already somewhere around the house.

And while cleaning the car, other needs such as lubricating hinges, stopping annoying squeaks and freeing a stuck antenna can be handled with WD-40 as well.